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Missing In Alaska


The Alaska Triangle, a region in northwest Alaska, has more unsolved missing person cases than anywhere else in the world. Over 20,000 people have vanished in the past 50 years alone. Who or what’s behind these cases is unknown. Some believe it’s the work of local predators or simply the rugged, dangerous terrain, but legends thrive in Alaska, and the ominous history of disappearances in the area has drawn comparisons to the Bermuda Triangle. Working together with local experts and eyewitnesses, our team of investigators will go case-by-case to gather evidence, conduct tests, examine history and explore local myths to determine the most viable explanation for the disappearances, all while trying to understand the sinister mystery that is the Alaska Triangle.

Ken Gerhard

Ken Gerhard is a cryptozoologist and field researcher for the Centre for Fortean Zoology, as well as a fellow of the Pangea Institute and consultant for various paranormal research groups. He has investigated reports of mysterious animals around the world, including Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, the Chupacabra, Mothman, Thunderbirds and Werewolves. He is also the author of the books Big Bird: Modern Sightings of Flying Monsters and Encounters with Flying Humanoids: Mothman, Manbirds, Gargoyles and Other Winged Beasts, as well as co-author of Monsters of Texas.


Jax has more than ten years experience in law enforcement, working everything from SWAT to undercover investigations in both Arizona and California. In 2008, he opened up his own PI firm, which currently specializes in civilian, business and government-contracted investigations. No stranger to the frigid North, Jax lived in Alaska for five years as a child. His mother studied Native American Studies in college, and he remembers many of the tribal tales she used to tell him.

Tommy Joseph

Tommy Joseph is an artist, conservator and Tlingit master carver who has been involved with many of the most important totem projects in Alaska over the past 20 years. Joseph’s totems can be found in England, New Zealand, at the Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh and in front of the Department of Veterans Affairs in Anchorage. As an Alaskan native, Tommy is an expert on the local legends and tribal folklore unique to his state. When Tommy was six years old, his father went missing in a boating incident, which has inspired Tommy to search for answers for many of Alaska’s mysteries.

Missing In Alaska Series 1

Alaska's Body Snatchers

A mountain climber goes missing near Mt. Hayes, where UFO sightings are rampant. Our team of investigators head into alien territory and risk close encounters to find answers about his mysterious disappearance. Using eyewitness and expert testimonials, the team searches for evidence of potential extraterrestrial abductions in the Alaska Triangle.

Vanished in a Vortex

In 1950, a military transport plane vanished in the Alaska Triangle with 44 people on board, and hasn't been seen since. Was its disappearance caused by bad weather or something more sinister? Our team investigates the possibility that a space-time vortex could have transported the plane to another dimension.

Hunted by the Hairy Man

Tales of Bigfoot sightings are reported globally but the Alaskan version is the most extreme, standing over 14 feet. Is this massive, aggressive creature targeting people in the Alaska Triangle? Cryptozoologist Ken Gerhard and team try to track down the beast, hoping to learn how this monster remains so elusive.

Zombies of HAARP

The Aurora Borealis has been seen as a mystical force in Alaska for many centuries, but could a manmade version be used for mind control? Our team explores a top secret government facility known as HAARP, an electromagnetic generator that could be driving people to disappear in the Alaska Triangle.

Attack of the Ice Gnomes

Sightings of small human-like figures have coincided with missing persons reports within the Alaska Triangle. Could there be a tribe of vicious, carnivorous gnomes roaming the state's untamed interior? The team follows a trail that could lead them directly into an ice cave, the den of these deadly creatures.

Death by Demon Wolf

A monstrous beast is spotted in the woods of Alaska, in the same area as countless missing person reports. Those who have survived its attacks describe bear-like claws on a towering, wolf-like beast. Is it a mutant bear, an oversized wolf, or some terrifying hybrid of the two? Fossil records indicate that wolf-bear crossbred animals once existed in this area, and the team investigates if it could be a surviving strain or a new one that may be terrorizing the Alaska Triangle.

Alaska's Mutant Monkey's

Primate sightings in the Alaskan woods have the team puzzled, since experts say that monkeys have never lived in Alaska. Missing person reports in the area, reported cries from the trees, and sightings of what look like oversized monkeys call to mind the legends of vicious baboon-like creatures from long ago. With new monkey species constantly being discovered all around the world, the team investigates if there could be a variety in the Alaska Triangle that is making meals out of men?

It Lurks Beneath the Ice

Recent sightings around Alaska match native stories of a vicious Arctic mermaid that attacks unsuspecting people. With only five percent of the world's oceans explored, new marine species are being discovered all the time. Could a sinister mermaid be among the oceans' undocumented creatures? Our expert team searches for answers.

Taken into the Wild

Ancient lore talks of a Canadian warrior tribe that once terrorized the Nahanni valley, decapitating their enemies with scythes. The tribe vanished many years ago, but might have resurfaced in the Alaska Triangle. Missing person reports have coincided with eyewitness' sightings of frightening ancient soldiers. Our team investigates the mystery.

Shapeshifters from the River

Tlingit folklore describes a creature that's half-otter, half-man, who steals the souls of its victims. Could a shapeshifting Otterman, or Kushtaka, be disguising itself to target humans as prey? Our team uses eyewitness accounts and their own stakeout to investigate whether this creature is merely a myth.

Alaska's Birds of Slay

A jogger vanishes from the top of Mt. Marathon in Alaska and a witness describes seeing a monstrous, airplane-sized raptor around the time of the disappearance. Could ancient stories of the Thunderbird be true? The team investigates the missing jogger's final steps and the potential existence of this enormous predator.

Scared of the Bear God

Sixty years ago, the residents of an entire Alaskan village disappeared without a trace. A passing fisherman witnessed a massive, ferocious white bear, reminiscent of a northern legend, the Bear God called Torngarsuk. Could nature have paved the way for a real, extraordinary sized bear? The team searches for answers.

Swallowed by the Lake Dragon

With the unsolved case of a missing kayaker at Lake Iliamna, many believe that the legendary Iliamna Lake Monster (or "Ilie") is the culprit. In this huge body of water, a reclusive creature has plenty of room to hide. The team investigates this beast and the possibilities of its existence.