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Hoard Hunters


Hoard Hunters follows two of Britain’s metal detecting hot-shots Gordon Heritage and Gary Brun who team up with archaeologist Mike Webber to embark on a quest to unearth hoards, of treasure and unlock historical mysteries. Each week, metal ‘detectorists’ Gordon and Gary, who between them have discovered some of Britain's most amazing treasure hoards take on a fresh challenge at a new location, full of potential! They will be heading to sites where previous hoards have been found in an attempt to salvage what may have been left behind and maybe even find a whole new hoard. Not forgetting Mike who will be carrying out some historical digging of his own, trying to figure out who buried each original hoard and why. Gary and Gordon’s journey will take them across the UK, as they head off to the sites where they think historical artefacts are most likely to be lurking. With state-of-art equipment, technical prowess and a proven track record will give the boys an edge over other searchers but will their treasure-hunting quest be fulfilled? And will Mike be able to accomplish some successful metaphorical excavating of his own? It’s time for Gary and Gordon to switch on, tune in and get digging.